A spectral change of a monastery bell through a hallway

Here is a recording of the change of the bell harmonics from inside a cloister overhang and then stepping out into the courtyard.  I step out around 17 seconds.  



Yesterday we walked up the Montserrat mountain and stayed at the monastery.  It was very difficult, but worth every moment. I was most struck by the sound of their bell tower ringing from the mountains and reflecting from the rocks and the monastery.  I recorded this from the window of the pilgrim hostel.  


A year ago, I randomly attended a tour of the Artés wine cooperative.  I remember the wines, of course, and the fresh produce.  And one particular cell within their underground tunnels. The 'Artium' wine cooperative is one of the oldest co-ops around.  They still make all of their wines by hand and transport everything by … Continue reading Artium