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2017 MATA Commission
2016 Winner, Villiers Quartet New Works Competition
2016 Winner, VdG Society Competition for New Music for Viol and Piano
2014 Honorable Mention for Pauline Oliveros Prize, IAWM Search for New Music
2020 ISCM-VICC Composer-in-Residence, Visby, Sweden (upcoming)
2016 Bang-on-a-can Summer music festival and residency, Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (MASS MoCA), North Adams, Massachusetts
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2015 Listening Room, a solo exhibition of art, sound, and space Granoff Center for the Arts, Providence, RI
2015 Face Vision, a sonic meditation Midnight Sun Deep Listening Retreat, Norway
2014 Agnus Dei, a networked installation Frosty Drew Observatory, Charlestown, RI
2014 Ancienne and Chant of the Holy Bitcrusher for imaginary organ OpenSignal~ Festival, Providence, RI
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2013 Planctus, a work for string quartet. Kruilik Quartet Ostrava Days, Ostrava, Czech Republic
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2012 Robot Cellist, an installation for kinetic cellist. Sculpture and robotics showcase Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI
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2012 |Məˈträp(ə)ləs| for alto saxophone and electronics. Providence, RI
2012 Ineffably Poignant Future Pastness for electronic drums. Fred Kennedy, drums Providence, RI, and at NYCEMF
2012 In Memoriam for 8-person networked ensemble Providence, RI
2012 Hymnetude for electronics Darmstadt Internationale Ferienkurse Für Neue Musik
2012 Planctus a work for string quartet Darmstadt Internationale Ferienkurse Für Neue Musik
2012 Antiphon for trio and subharmonic resonator. California Ear Unit Grant Auditorium. Brown University
2012 Lyrawae for 12-stringed resonant instrument and electronics Providence, RI
2012 RE-BORN: PAULINE OLIVEROS:THE EARLY YEARS, a video created in collaboration with Linda Mary Montano Pauline Oliveros’ 80th birthday concert Kingston, New York
2011 Night, for solo musician and interactive multimedia landscape Brown University, Providence, RI
2011 Adonai_Eleison for penitent and her computer. Brown University Providence, RI
2010 The Sun Rises for viola da gamba and prepared piano ‘four hands’ Taplin Auditorium. Princeton University Princeton, NJ
2010 With Ballast, Untempered for string trio. In Flux Ensemble Taplin Auditorium. Princeton University Princeton, NJ
2010 Edda for solo prepared piano Taplin Auditorium. Princeton University, NJ
2009 In Nomine for four cellos Hopkins Center for the Arts, Hanover, NH
2008 The Lark In The Morning for viol and electronics Princeton-Dartmouth Composer Exchange. Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey
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2008 The Final Days Of Oliver Cromwell for viola da gamba and electronics Hartt-Dartmouth Composer Exchange. University Of Hartford, Hartford, CT
2006 Opilwa, for 12-part choir and electronics Miami, FL
2006 Consort for One for viola da gamba and electronics ICMC conference, New Orleans, LA.
2006 Consort for One for viola da gamba and electronics Third Practice Electro-Acoustic Music Festival. University Of Richmond, VA
2006 Consort for One for viola da gamba and electronics International Alliance for Women in Music Conference. Miami, FL
2017 MSCA postdoctoral research fellowship
2016 Brown University travel grant
2016 Dissertation research grant
2011-2016 Brown University Doctoral Fellowship.
2012 International Affairs Research Travel Grant
2012 Creative Arts Council Grant
2010 Summer research grant
2009-2010 Mark Nelson Senior Fellowship.
2007-2009 Dartmouth Graduate Fellowship.
2008 Visiones Sonoras/British Council 2008 Participation Grant
2008 Graduate Arts and Sciences Student Travel Award
2016 Mentor, Deep Listening Study Group Guided and trained a small group of students through the basic principles of Deep Listening Practice including movement, listening, and dreaming strategies.
2014 Studio Monitor. Brown University Responsibilities included maintaining all music studios, running lights and audio for concerts, digitizing and making the concerts publicly available, running the listserv, publicity, and general tutoring in electronic music and recording technology. Supervisor: Jim Moses
2014 Teaching Assistant. Advanced studio composition. Brown. Responsibilities included grading, tutoring, office hours, and assisting the professor. Supervisor: John Ferguson
2013 Teaching Assistant. Beginning Studio Techniques and Composition. Brown Responsibilities included grading, tutoring, office hours, and assisting the professor. Supervisor: Jim Moses
2012 Teaching Assistant. Music 200: Introduction to Electronic Music. Brown University Responsibilities included setting up the classroom, maintaining the web portal, digitizing lessons, copies, test proctoring, and grading. Supervisor: Todd Winkler
2012 Instructor. Lab for Music 200. Brown University Collaborated with two other PhD students to design a syllabus and lesson plan for 150 beginning electronic music students.
2009 Studio Assistant. Dartmouth College Responsibilities included maintaining all studios and providing basic technical assistance. Supervisor: Newton Armstrong
2009 Teaching Assistant. Orchestration, Dartmouth College Responsibilities included preparing a weekly lecture on the subject of Orchestration, assisting students when needed, grading assignments, and assisting the professor. Supervisor: Michael Casey
2008 Teaching Assistant. Beginning Electronic Music. Dartmouth College Responsibilities included preparing a weekly lecture on the subject of Electronic Music, holding office hours twice weekly, grading assignments, and assisting the professor. Supervisor: Newton Armstrong
2006 Music Technology Lab Tutor. Florida International University Responsibilities included maintaining the computer lab, tutoring students in DAWs and composition. Supervisor: Kristine Burns
2017 Odeon training course in acoustic modelling DTU, Lyngby, DK
2016 Deep Listening Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, certificate 2016
2012-13 Woodworking I, Sculpture and Robotics Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI
2012 Theory and Analysis of Contemporary Music Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester, graduate summer course
2011 Danish Folk School Musik og Teater Højskolen. Toftlund, Denmark
2010 Music Composition Princeton University, Princeton, NJ, 1 year