Deep Listening Certificate

Proud to be a Deep Listening Certificate holder from the Center for Deep Listening at Rensselaer!  Certification requirements involved a year-long course and participation in listening, moving, and dreaming groups.  It was a fantastic and restorative process and I highly recommend it. If you would like help finding a local Deep Listening group or if … Continue reading Deep Listening Certificate

Illuminations Codex

This is a video rendering of a limited edition printed codex that I have published. There are currently 3 copies in existence.  If you would like to own one of the three copies, they are $150 each.  If you just want a digital copy The Illuminations codex is a book of scores. Download it for … Continue reading Illuminations Codex

Listening to Richard Nonas’ “the Man in the Empty Space'”

Richard Nonas' "The Man in the Empty Space" is an exibition intended to "fundamentally alter our sense of space, time, landscape, and architecture."   Sound is space and time, and we can use sound placed within constructed-space (architecture) to explore how we sense place.  This is a sonic meditation about presence. Sonic Meditations are pieces that … Continue reading Listening to Richard Nonas’ “the Man in the Empty Space'”