Review of ‘Record of Ancient Mirrors’ at the MATA Festival

The audience returned from intermission to a stage crowded with violins, viola, accordion, double bass, cello, violin de gamba, 2 gongs, triangle, alto sax, trombones, and French horn. Out of the hodgepodge arose a stunning piece of rich humanity and earthen transcendence, inspired by the Zen concept of reflection on water and Kristina Wolfe’s experience on … Continue reading Review of ‘Record of Ancient Mirrors’ at the MATA Festival


About “Karaṇīyamettā Sutta”

This is a sound meditation for as many voices as possible.  This was written as a meditation on kindness around the time of Pauline Oliveros' passing. "The audible attempt at a harmonious consensus among distinct individual voices is one of the most compelling musical experiences in existence. is is common in vocal chanting and ritual, … Continue reading About “Karaṇīyamettā Sutta”


Aria is a movement for choir of nervous aliens who try to play a lost fragment attributed to Saint-Saëns. Considering how they have never heard this music, each creature reads a guideline from a different historical period to inform its use of vibrato and phrasing. In Some Observations Concerning Baroque and Modern Vibrato, Frederick Kent … Continue reading Aria