13 centuries in 15 minutes through Vic

Vic is an incredible sounding place.  No recordings can do it justice, but I had to try to capture at least a hint of it.
I think Vic is so incredible because it is a sizeable old city, but so quiet.  When I did a sound walk in the morning, it was absolutely still except for the bells.  The bells echoed in each corner.  The two opposing bell towers are 10th and 13th century, and are about 5 minutes walk from each other.  You can listen to them bounce off the walls.  I also went to the church, which had wonderful examples of negative spaces.  I could hide in corners and hear sounds reflecting in the stone.  I was distraught that I had not brought my zoom, so I vowed to come back in the evening so I could get a longer chime.
When I returned, it was less silent, more active, and raining.  I don’t mind because the little pitter patter of raindrops helped bring out the acoustics of the walk in an interesting way.  There were people talking in the streets, and they bounced off the walls as well.  If you want to go hear the silent version, you should go on a Sunday morning before everything opens.
I start the walk at 8 pm in the plaça major, underneath the clock tower.  I do this to capture the echo on the opposite buildings.  After this, I walk down the small street to the church listening to the bells change sound shape as I leave.
I hear the spaces open and constrict and I arrive at the church via a large reverberating marble square.  I walk along the church walls trying to capture the sound of the walls.
  I narrate this a little, and end at the Romanesque bell tower chiming 815 in the rain.

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