A year ago, I randomly attended a tour of the Artés wine cooperative.  I remember the wines, of course, and the fresh produce.  And one particular cell within their underground tunnels.

The ‘Artium’ wine cooperative is one of the oldest co-ops around.  They still make all of their wines by hand and transport everything by hand up and down the 7 floors of underground tunnels.  If you go during business hours and ask nicely, the owner will personally give you a tour for free.  Obviously you should buy a bottle after… especially if you only came to see the magic room I am going to tell you about.

This room is the single most lively and present room I have ever experienced.  It takes sounds, stratifies them into their harmonics, and makes them ring for 3 seconds or more.  It is like singing into a piano, or a huge cathedral, but it’s an empty storage room.  The reverb is extreme, but given that the room is quite small, it retains feelings of intimacy, presence, and claustrophobia.  You sit within the sound of your voice, and you can hear its components.  Your footsteps do not echo.

The recording I have made is noisy, and involves a lot of talking, but the file I have captured it a re-synthesis of the room.  This room is silent unless you speak.  I walked through it while making noise so I could capture the resonances.  I hope you enjoy it and visit the space.
Listen to the .wav


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